zarzarthebear said: wiggles up in this here box would you be willing to write a lil dragon au thing?

!!!! one shapeshifter dragon jonghyun au comin right up uwu

also happy 1000 posts to me uwu uwu

It’s too early for this shit.

Minho thinks it’ll still be too early for this shit when he’s washing up to go to bed tonight.

The kingdom’s rice production is miles behind where it should be by this time of the year, the new archery master is nowhere near as experienced with teaching commoners how to shoot a regular bow as the old one was, King Kibum from the west is expecting him to send Minjung over to his kingdom—a three day journey—to stay with Princess Gwiboon again by tomorrow, and to top it all off, a messenger mage just peeped into his office to deliver some less-than-pleasant news.

"My lord, there are reports of a wildfire coming in from the southern riverbanks," she says, bowing politely. Minho sighs, putting his head in his hands. He doesn’t need this right now.

"How did it start?" he asks, trying to keep his voice level. There’s never been a fire down there before, at least not one that the people couldn’t put out quickly with water from the river. The messenger fidgets a little and quirks a rueful smile; Minho groans and puts his head in his hands.

"Don’t fucking tell me—" he starts, and then he doesn’t finish because at that moment, there’s a great flutter of wings, a clatter of scales against glass, and then a soft thump and a cocky hiss of triumph.

"Hey king, what’s goin’ on?" Jonghyun asks, walking calmly up and patting Minho on the shoulder. Minho lifts his head from his hands just enough to level a stern glare at the man.

"Jonghyun," he says slowly, "did you set the forest by the riverbank on fire?" He catches the messenger mage scuttling out of his office in the corner of his eye. Jonghyun scoffs loudly, putting a hand on his chest and looking at Minho like he’s gravely offended him.

Me?!” he exclaims in outrage. “Set your kingdom on fire? Preposterous! I would never—I can’t believe—Ugh!” he scoffs again, crossing his arms and starting to stride around Minho’s office. Minho sighs deeply and puts his chin in his hand. Now he gets to waste time waiting for Jonghyun to finish being offended. Lovely. “How could you just accuse me of doing such a thing?” he asks, not looking at Minho, pacing around his office. He scoffs a third time; this one catches in his throat and he coughs.

Sparks and a little burst of flame come from his mouth and he freezes for a split second before wiping his mouth and clearing his throat.

"Excuse me," he mumbles, "I must have something stuck in my throat."

"Jonghyun, I told you, no setting my people’s homes on fire," Minho snaps, glaring at the dragon. Jonghyun humphs, turning his nose up.

"Well, you won’t let me set some other king’s people’s homes on fire,” he whines. “I have do it to someone.” He’s acting like Minho’s the unreasonable one here, how new. “But it still wansn’t me,” he lies, quickly and stubbornly. Minho feels his Jonghyun headache coming along, the one that’s separate from his regular headaches and seems to coexist with them at the same time.

"Go put it out, please" he says tiredly, pointing out of the window to the river. Jonghyun tsks, stretching his arms over his head.

"Mmmm, nah," he says. "I just had a long flight from the south. I think I’m gonna go up to my cave and—"

"Put. The fire. Out," Minho growls. He knows it’s ballsy to interrupt Jonghyun like that, or to give him such a direct and impolite order, as proud and temperamental as he is, but he doesn’t care right now. He’s not dealing with the damages that come from a scorched forest today. He’s just not doing it. Jonghyun puffs his lips out, half glaring, half pouting at Minho, before he shrugs.

"Fine," he says, like he couldn’t care less. "I’ll just go take time out of my day to fix your problems for you. No need to thank me.” He strides to the window, gets a foot on the ledge, and hurls himself outside; before Minho can even yell at him for leaving that way, he’s turned back into a large dragon and stopped his fall.

Minho sighs, rubbing his head and leaning back in his chair. Jonghyun shifted into the spiky black and green dragon with the leather wings. He’s gonna be all pissy and entitled later, Minho knows it, that’s always what that dragon form means. It’s gonna be almost impossible trying to convince him to fly Minjung over to her date tomorrow. He shakes his head.


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