au where

jonghyuns a vampire nd some of the musty old ~~~important~~~ vamps send him out to the local graveyard one night to help this new kid rise nd show him how to be a vamp nd whatnot

so jongs like uuuuuughhhhhh bc tbh whenever the old ones try to rise a new vamp they always wind up as some cocky fuck that runs off nd gets themselves killed in the first week and jonghyun always catches shit for it

so hes out there grumblin to himself nd sittin on the gravestone of one lee taemin, 1993-2014, waiting nd waiting nd waiting for this fuck to hurry up nd rise already

nd its almost dawn by the time a hand shoots out of the dirt

nd hes like fINALLy nd jumps off the gravestone nd crosses his arms nd taps his foot as the kid wiggles his way out, and then the new vamp just stops

and goes ‘wait—fuck—im—fuck’ and wiggles intensely in the ground

and jonghyuns like ‘oh my god hurry the fuck up

nd taemin looks up at him like

'i cant im stuck'

Tags: jongtae au where youre stuck??? yes im stuck can u help me out pls youre fucking stuck i dont believe this who the fuck gets stuck i got stuck fuck off nd who the fuck are u anyway so jong just sighs deeply nd explains to the kid that hes dead nd some old musty vamps thought he would be a good pick for a new follower nd tbh taem is just the shittiest vamp he was a vegetarian when he was alive nd a pacifist nd he worked at a fuckign plant store he just im dead??? i died??? when did i die??? oh my god how are my plants doing i need to get to the shop kid its ur plants that killed u u were in the news death by falling tree branch oh ohhhhh noooooo it was oaky wasnt it??? i knew his branches were weakening but i kept putting it off oooohhh nnnooooo oaky??????? they didnt cut him down did they????? you named a treE oAkY??????? nd then theres the whole :cccc jonghyuuuuun i don wanna kill ppl nd suck their blood :cccccccc well then ull be in eternal agony for eternity ye what if i just step into the sun for a lil bit then ull be in eternal agony for eternaty in a firey pit of hell with some dude pokin u with a trident all day well thats bullshit i didnt ask to be a vamp ye well neither did i come on kid do they rly do that in hell??? idk i don like goin down there too much fire its so fuckin tacky jong kinda likes taem anyway he thinks hes cute nd sweet takes him to this club downtown full of humans that like bein fed off of like come on kid these ppl get off on it its almost like sex but jong i don wanna have sex rn :c oh my fucking christ u never stop complainin do u
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